Month: February 2021

  • Buying Garden Tools – Why Does Made in USA Matter?

    Why is it important to buy tools made in the U.S.? Several times in our history we have demanded more loyalty to the products of “Made in the USA” than today. Buying garden tools manufactured in the United States is one way to support the American workforce and get quality tools. It also stimulates the […]

  • Scandinavian Retro Furniture

    The cornerstone of Scandinavian design was laid around the 1950s (the term “Scandinavia” is used to describe these countries as a whole: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland). At that time, the design was characterized by minimalism, functionalism and simplicity. The ideological underpinning was that everyday items should be intended not only for the rich and […]

  • Retro Furniture

    Modern furniture was cool in the 50s and 60s. Now people rediscover the furniture of that period and buy it on eBay or buy reproductions of classic designer items from the past. Modern style became popular in the UK after the Festival of Britain in 1951. The festival gave leading British designers the opportunity to […]

  • Info 101 – Common Core State Standards and the Race to the Top

    After more than a year of developing and building based on previously established standards for college and career preparation, the basic public common standards have been published. You need to know what … The standards were developed by the State School Leaders Council and the National Governors Association – with the participation of many teachers, […]

  • Eco-Psychology and Deep Ecology

    Eco-psychology can be seen as a relatively new movement; however, it is an old way of cognition that has in many ways colored and influenced the way we live in this world. From the very beginning, people and non-people who must find their way in this world have sought ways to move beyond mere existence […]

  • The Common Core Assessments: Demanding, Online-Only, and Controversial, Too

    Common basic government standards for English/language arts and mathematics are now closer than ever to a school near you. That’s because 45 states and the District of Columbia joined them – some before the standards were written. However, the contradiction overshadows them, and now the chances that are associated with it. The tests, developed by […]

  • Why Teachers Are Taking to the Streets

    Teachers’ morale has plummeted over the past decade, leading teachers to protest in the streets, along with widespread teacher shortages and far fewer students choosing a career in the classroom. But let’s start with the good news. The latest PDK survey showed that teacher support is the highest in 50 years, with 66% of respondents […]

  • Decorating Your Home With Stylish Lamps

    Lamps are one of the most popular necessities in the house. They not only add light and heat to the room, but also add color and details that will revive any dull space. Another great advantage of the lamps is that you can place them almost anywhere and they will immediately revive the room. The […]

  • Info 101: No Child Left Behind Morphs Into The Every Student Succeeds Act

    News headline: Every Student Succeeds Act will replace the 2001 No Abandoned Child Act and become official after Obama’s signing on December 10. At the time, he called it a “Christmas miracle” and it would affect everyone. one in 50 million public school students and 3.4 million parent teachers and taxpayers. It’s been a long […]

  • The Egg Chair

    They say that fashion works cyclically, and for the most part it is true. Indeed, the UK is now experiencing a resurgence of the awful lifestyle of the 80s, we all tried so hard to forget about it. And the appearance of T-shirts and poorly seated fleece jackets of the 1990s Global Hyper Color – […]