Get All The Important Business Information Of The Country Real Estate Investment In Belize

Belize is at the top of the list for anyone who dreams of clear, warm water, palm trees, sport fishing and white sandy beaches. It is a well-known destination among regular North American travelers. We believe that Naia Residences is the best place to live in Placencia, Belize and the entire Caribbean. But before you answer the question “Why invest in Naia real estate?”, it makes sense to first answer the questions “Why invest in Belize?” and “Why invest in Placencia?”

In short, there are more people who are eager to spend time in Belize. For those who own property, that also means a rapidly growing public who may want to rent a holiday home or apartment. American Airlines, United, Delta, Copa and others operate daily flights from major airports to Belize. If you need to go home for medical or family reasons, you can be there within a few hours.

If you stay longer, you have to pay like everyone else. Of course, if you have purchased one of the 15 housing units, you can be there whenever you want. For the ultra-premium experience, six oceanfront units are available, with three bedrooms and more than 2,400 square feet of living space. These will cost more than US$1.4 million, including taxes. In the meantime, I stayed on the site where the new complex will be built. Exotic Caye Beach Resort is now located there, managed by Grand Baymen Oceanside developer, ECI, and will retire when construction begins.

Placencia is becoming very popular because of its authentic pristine Caribbean character for another rapidly developing tourist trap on the beach. One of the main reasons to invest in Belize is because of the tax incentive programs that are now being implemented. These are designed to attract retirees to the location, but in reality, anyone investing in Remax Belize this country can benefit from tax refunds. Another concern I often hear from those considering a foreign property purchase is withholding the value of the property. This is a legitimate concern, and it’s especially important to consider whether the local currency of the jurisdiction you’re considering fluctuates greatly compared to your local currency.

We knew that the land we bought was a bit risky because of the road situation and the energy. Still, it seemed inevitable that progress would continue as more and more people discovered this friendly and beautiful island. The location of this Ambergris Caye Beachfront Real estate was called… Who doesn’t want to live in a place called Secret Beach? Almost deserted, this beach was only known to locals and the few hippies who lived off the grid. Dennis warned us that it would be a bumpy golf cart ride, because the roads on that side of the island were not yet paved.

Property taxes are also incredibly low, between 1 and 1.5% of the value of undeveloped land, making it easier to buy land and property. Joe has built multimillion-dollar businesses, produced critically acclaimed documentaries and an Emmy-winning TV show, invested millions in real estate, and semi-retired at age 43. He now shares a lifetime of tax knowledge through PlayLouder, a tool that helps individuals and business owners increase their wealth and better plan for their future.