Best Time To Visit Munich

Bring a camera and enjoy the fine details of the opulent Baroque interior, which many consider to be one of the finest examples of late German Baroque architecture in the world. Just behind the luxury Hotel Bayerischer Hof stands a statue of the composer Orlande de Lassus that today stands as a monument and sanctuary to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Literally translated as strong beer, starkbier is a special type of German beer that is traditionally consumed during Lent.

Don’t take a free tour if you can’t afford to tip your guide. If you were more active, you may be able to compress the same activities in fewer days. No matter how many days you have, check out our suggestions below and choose the activities that appeal to you for the time you have. Oktoberfest is Munich’s most famous event, attracting thousands of visitors to beer tents, carnival attractions and live entertainment. Another fairly cold month, February can be a good time to visit Munich, partly because of Fasching. Cinema Filmtheater München holds a “surprise screening” every Friday and promises a screening of a film for half the price before it is released in German cinemas.

I usually check Viator for tours, and I know I’ve seen the Romantic Road tours there, but you may have to go to Frankfurt to pick up the tour. You can also take a tour from Munich, so if it feels better to combine that with Munich and Neuschwanstein, that might be fun. I plan to save most of my time during travel time, probably planning to fly to those long travel areas and I also plan to spend the night. Get my full travel packaging list plus the free eBook 11 mistakes to avoid on your next vacation and get Travel Made Simple travel deals, discounts and tips delivered to your inbox. Munich has many, including the Bavarian National Museum and the Museum of Beer and Oktoberfest.

Some of these Munich sights are popular for a reason; They are really not to be missed. Others are things you may not have realized were there, or were possible. Munich is a city where the traditional and the modern sit side by side like few other places.

Andy and I love places in cities where you can get up and look down. There are three towers that can be climbed right in the center of Munich. It’s good to do them early rather than late on the trip, as there’s often a place on the tour you’ll want to return to later. Food tours also give you ideas on what kind of food to look for during the rest of your trip.

The park is a huge activity center where you can zipline around the iconic stadium, take part in water sports on the lake, and ski on the hill in winter. You can get a closer look at all the BMW oktoberfest models currently on the market, get behind the wheel and even book a test drive. BMW WeltAfter learning about BMW’s past, you can catch up with the present in the elegant showroom next door.

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