Executive Recruits From The Supply Chain

Mark this page and come back all year round to see what you need to know (and do)! Here you will find resources, tips, events, personal connections and other career opportunities, created and selected for students from worldwide logistics management and supply chain management. Robins Consulting Supply Chain Recruiters strive to understand and analyze the specific needs of your company to make recruitment decisions that lead to the best possible outcome. As a supply chain recruiting agency, we pride ourselves on our vast knowledge of transportation and our ability to access people who excel in the industry.

Our executive recruiters bring customers the highest potential candidates with proven experience. We focus on passive candidates who meet and exceed your requirements and preferences. With the recruitment methods of the DRI supply chain, you can focus today on your activities and introduce your customers and your future leaders into the supply chain. These are often candidates who are currently in their industry or who can bring a new perspective from a link up or through the value chain. The candidates we present bring experience in strategic thinking, collaboration and daily implementation to advance your organization. We started as supply chain recruiters at the beginning of the .com boom and were attracted to software that distinguished itself from the rest of the industry by offering a demonstrable ROI.

Internships offer students the opportunity to work with industry professionals and learn how companies work; They also offer professionals with talented students who work on tasks or support projects. Initially, internships focused on the summer before graduation, when students had already taken most of their specific classes out of the supply chain. Nowadays, however, multiple internships per student are common, sometimes until the summers prior to the junior and senior year.

A new campaign called #iWorkInTheSupplyChain hopes to undo negative assumptions by sharing content that shows a young audience the potential of employment in warehouse and inventory management. The campaign shares videos, images and educational materials online, especially through social media platforms, and demonstrates the different positions available. Develop leadership skills, learn to work as a team, add new connections to your network and more. For more informative interview videos, see Candid Racing, where you can search by feature / role, industry, company or theme. Most recruitment on campus takes place in the fall semester with a smaller group of companies recruiting on campus in the spring.

In the absence of the will to innovate and adapt, companies become entangled in a routine and eventually lag behind their competitors who regularly evolve in supply chain strategies. Once you have valuable data that can inform changes in your supply chain management techniques, you should be willing Supply Chain Headhunters to be flexible and make adjustments that will benefit the company. The market is constantly changing and a successful company is adapting to these changes and adapting accordingly. Some may be waiting for a natural ending to make adjustments, but it is best to adjust at your discretion.

Storage and shipping activities can take advantage of enforcing the skills they want from future employees in lesson plans. Supply Chain Management Review described how a local supply chain logistics management company, CorpU, partnered with Pennsylvania State University to create special programming. Shipping, administration and other distribution tasks take place behind the scenes. When millennial job seekers consider a career for the first time, they may not even consider a logistical position. To quickly replace aging workers in their current position, managers must prioritize recruitment practices and find new ways to attract and train brilliant young talents.

Our goal is to provide visionary supply chain leaders with the experience and ability to implement their business strategy or bring innovative new ideas to take their organization to the next level. You want to receive vacancies in the supply chain and logistics discipline? If you are interested in being on our radar for when an attractive position will open in the future, we recommend that you upload your resume to Optimum Supply Chain Recruiters.

I also recommend connecting with them on their major social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ as more and more recruiters are turning to social media these days to stream their job openings. You should also check in by email or phone from time to time to see if they have any new job opportunities to think about it. Remember that the goal here is to stay on your “radar screen”, so don’t overdo it with calls and emails as this can send the wrong signal. Tips for curriculum optimization: The main purpose of a resume is to generate a “positive response” among the target audience. This could be a call from a supply chain recruiter to ask some questions, or it could be an invitation to an interview.

Depending on the role, you must include relevant skills or software knowledge in the description. It is worth taking a fair and detailed job description to take the time to write, maximize recruitment efforts and avoid interviewing and hiring people who would not work during their contract. While someone looking for an entry level can easily include all of their important information in a 1 page resume, the same cannot be said for someone with years of experience.