It’s Time You Owned a Great Watch

Your choice of watch says a lot about you as a person. It reflects your sophistication, elegance, discernment as well as your fun and sporty side. These four leading big-name watches, each crafted for accuracy and dependability and distinctive style, are the magnificent timepieces you should seriously consider owning.


You won’t get much sportier than a Tissot watch. The name Tissot is renowned and stands out as one of the foremost timekeepers in the crowded arena of sporting events. They’ve been involved with the 24-hour Le Mans race, Formula One, the Tour de Suisse as well as championship ice hockey. Creating a superlative watch that reflects and combines rare craftsmanship and the passion and flair of sports is exactly what Tissot has achieved. Innovation and uniqueness is a Tissot mantra and their T-Touch Expert, with touch-screen feature, is a unique example. Put a Tissot watch around your wrist and you may never take it off again!


A name synonymous with luxury and the very best in design and exceptional workmanship. And Gucci watches are just that. Created using the finest stainless steel and soft pure silver, together with sapphire crystals, they are arguably one of the most fashionable timepieces around. Having become a brand leader in the nineties, Gucci continue to produce classic watches with stylish, distinctive designs. A Gucci watch appeals not only to the glitterati and the fashionistas but also to the discerning buyer.


Stunning design, good taste, state-of-the-art features and an exquisite finish are what you can look forward to in a Movado watch. Following on from their world-class Calendomatic watches – those with the date and calendar showing on the face – Movado have continued to surprise and delight with watches that are beautifully designed. The wearer is rewarded with perfect timing, dependable design features and a watch that will last a lifetime. With the re-introduction of their KingMatic watches, buyers once again have the opportunity to enjoy a watch that captured the imagination of buyers in the 1950s. Another innovation of Movado’s was their sensational Museum Watch – where a single dot replaced the number 12 on the face. So, make sure you’re a fashion leader and strap a Movado watch around your wrist.

Rado Watches

Better known as Swatch, the Rado watch company first came to prominence in the early 1960s. The Rado Diastar was their flagship – one of the first watches in the world guaranteed to be scratch-proof. The range and scope of Rado watches is considerable and all are uniquely and innovatively crafted using a combination of materials that include sapphire crystals, tungsten-carbide and titanium-carbide, Lanthanum Hexaboride Powder and various ceramics. These popular Rado watches are young at heart and make a unique fashion statement.

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