These days, people rarely give written 縮陰球推薦 advice when hiring, so why even get recommendations on LinkedIn?

First of all, your LinkedIn profile will only be complete when you have at least three recommendations.

Achieving all Star in your profile is a huge achievement that builds trust in your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn profile confirmation

The second reason you need LinkedIn recommendations is that recommendations are the only way to check your LinkedIn profile and performance.

You enter your LinkedIn profile information, including your education, work history, and accomplishments. Others can’t verify this information by reading your profile.

When people recommend you on LinkedIn, it’s a written testament to your work history, education, or accomplishments. It is important to have this external check on your LinkedIn profile, especially if you are an independent consultant or service provider.

LinkedIn search rating

Did you know that the keywords in your LinkedIn recommendations appear in your search results and help you get a ranking in your LinkedIn search? There are many factors that determine your position in your search on LinkedIn, and helps everyone a little bit.

Higher rating in search

When you talk about LinkedIn search rankings, did you know that the more recommendations you have, the higher your LinkedIn search rating?

If your recommendations include the same keywords you want to rank for, your search rating should increase as your recommendations increase.

You don’t want to get full keyword recommendations to improve your search ranking. Be sincere and appreciate the good recommendations, and the results of your search will take care of themselves.

Recommendations expected by customers

If you are a small business representative, consultant, or service provider, your potential customers expect to see recommendations on your profile. Recommendations and you’re full

LinkedIn profiles are how they rate you to determine the quality of your work and your experience before hiring you or trusting your product.

How much do I need?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question. I see Profiles on LinkedIn with great recommendations that give a person’s experience.

I see other profiles with page after page recommendations, but they don’t convince me that this person is a worthy A-lister to be part of my professional network or someone I would hire. The recommendations seem empty and inconclusive.

How much is right for you?

I would recommend at least one direction for each year of work.

If you have been in the current business for five years, I think you should have at least five recommendations for this business.

I don’t have any scientific evidence that you should receive one recommendation in a year of work, but don’t you think you have at least one important achievement at work every year?


If you are doing something outstanding at work, you should ask someone who has benefited from this achievement to write a recommendation.

If you like someone’s success, write to that person a LinkedIn recommendation and don’t wait for them to ask you. Do it!

What makes the recommendation great?

People want to read appropriate clear and concise recommendations that add value to their assessment of a person’s professional skills and abilities.

Referrals are a form of social proof that expresses your personal and/or professional opinion about the person you recommend.

Personalized and detailed

The recommendations should go beyond making people aware that you are an Excel expert or social networking enthusiast.

Each recommendation should be personal, detailed and explain why you think this person deserves your recommendation.

When you recommend someone, it affects your reputation as much as your reputation.

A bunch of unnecessary recommendations to people who are not worthy of your recommendation will negatively affect you and your reputation.

An example of the impact a recommendation might have

Suppose your friend Joe one day calls you and asks if you know a good plumber who can quickly fix a leaking pipe.

The last time you hired a plumber, he didn’t do you any good, but he’s the only plumber you know.

You give Joe the name of a plumber, and the plumber goes to Joe to fix the leaking pipe.

Instead of stopping the leak, the plumber breaks the pipe, causing severe flooding in Joe’s house.

Joe is furious at the plumber and wonders why you recommended this inappropriate person. Your reputation has been a blow to Joe and could end your friendship.

Your reputation is at risk

The recommendations of people at the professional level are no different.

If for some reason you are uncomfortable recommending someone, don’t write recommendations.

Remember that your reputation is also in jeopardy here. If one of your acquaintances has hired someone based on your written recommendation, and it doesn’t work, your connection will lose your self-confidence and your trust will suffer.

Make your recommendations carefully

Your recommendations should be written carefully to always tell the truth and not overdo it. You can tell if they are the “best of the best” in their field.

If they are not the best, do not “recommend” them.

You can formulate your recommendation in a different way, so as not to exaggerate the truth, but, on the contrary, to emphasize their strengths and give them a positive recommendation.

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