The 9 Essential Steps To Buy A Great Diamond At A Great Price

A ring with a classic solitaire at this weight usually costs thousands. But a band covered with small pavé diamonds that together form just under 1 carat shines brightly and can cost up to 90 percent less than a ring with a large central stone. Again, your partner’s personal engagement ring preference is important.

At another time, a diamond may have the best scores, but it comes in a less popular form. Every consumer has their personal taste, sure, but it’s a well-known fact that some forms are more popular and more marketable than others. For example, the brilliant round cut has remained popular for quite some time, while the marquise-shaped diamond peaked in the 1980s. At Worthy, we have seen this effect take shape in the eventual resale of a diamond, no matter how high the quality. The main features you should see when buying engagement rings are the cut, color, weight and clarity of the diamond.

The report will also indicate whether the diamond has been treated to improve color or clarity. If you like the color of gold, remember that white metal ends or edges are often integrated into yellow gold bands to create contrast with the diamond. Rose gold is trendy, has a warm and relaxed look and was a popular choice for retro-era engagement rings.

Over the past decade, new factors have been added to diamond classification reports that have a significant impact on a diamond’s retail and resale value. We’ll walk you through it so you can avoid paying sky-high prices at retail or getting sloppy deals on resale. Do you find a ring you love that’s perfect for your partner, but it’s only half of what you intended to spend? No matter your budget, you’ll be able to find something special.” Once you find an engagement ring that makes your girlfriend faint, you’ll want to secure it.

Millennials want everything they buy to feel special and for the atmosphere of a ring to match theirs. It is increasingly common for women to completely avoid diamonds and traditional adjustments and opt for something personal, unique and unexpected. If you thought it’s easy to tell if a diamond is real or fake because of its dazzling glare, think again. In fact, it is the brilliance of fake stones that causes many to confuse them with diamonds. As far as you know, the stone you think is diamond can also be zirconia. It’s a simulated diamond that looks and also feels like a diamond, but it’s not really.

The stages can be classic, vintage-inspired, modern, unique and much more. A well-cut diamond will make imperfections of color and clarity less noticeable. Because a well-cut diamond looks brighter, it will also appear larger than its carat size. In a source such as DR diamond ring or, it is possible to save up to 40 percent on the prices of physical jewelers. Both e-tailers offer certified gemstone reports and a full refund within 30 days on undamaged bricks. There is more than one way to use a carat of diamonds on your finger.

Save big by buying the lowest-colored diamond that still looks colorless to the naked eye, Weissman suggests. “For round diamonds in white gold, this is usually an I or J color. In yellow gold, you could even go to a K-color,” he says. “The price difference between a J-color and a D-color is huge.” As far as clarity is concerned, the same concept applies.